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James Amos opened Amos Inventory Services in 1963. The company evolved into J&B Amos Inventory Services in 1979 when Bobbie Amos joined the company.

We are the oldest auto inventory service operating in the Southeast and the inventory service of choice for many of the Southeast’s largest automotive dealers.

If you’re looking for an objective analysis of which parts inventory using our services is a neutral way to get the real answers.

We work with all carlines and computer systems. Every carline has its specialties and we know how to deal with them.
Accuracy in our inventory service is our #1 priority. We know that your parts inventory is your largest cash investments, so we don’t take our services lightly. Our detailed process of service is unmatched in the industry, so you know you will receive the top care with the top results.

James M. Amos (1934-2008) Our founder, is from Macon, GA originally. He attended college in Atlanta, GA while working at Central Chevrolet Parts Dept. Early in his career, he realized what the dealers in the area needed most is an honest inventory company to do their annual physical. He provided that service starting in 1963 with “Amos Inventory Service”. That service led into the first keypunch/data process center developed by Mr.Amos in Atlanta. With the advent of fast moving computer technology, BASE Computer Service took over the keypunch/data process center in Atlanta and Mr. Amos continued his work in the Automotive Parts Physical Inventory until he retired for health issues in 1991. He was a pioneer in the business.

Bobbie Amos is from Amory, MS and attended business school in Memphis, TN while working for a used car dealer. In 1973 she began her career in parts at Roger Dean Chevrolet where she learned from some of the best managers in the business. In 1976 she worked weekends for Amos Inventory Service and joined the company full time in 1978. Amos Inventory Service evolved into J&B Amos Inventory in 1979 where she holds the title of owner. She was listed in the Millennium Edition of National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals.

William “Cooper” Odell is a native of Trussville, AL and graduated from the University of AL with a degree in Applied Mathematical Statistics. He learned automotive accounting on the job and from his mother who was a career comptroller for several dealerships in the Birmingham, AL area. He joined J&B Amos in 1995 and became manager in 2001.

We are the oldest Auto Inventory Service operating in the Southeast and the inventory service of choice for many of the southeast’s largest automotive dealers.

Our third party stance allows us ti be completely objective and honest when consulting with you on the best inventory for you annual physical.

Accuracy is #1 priorty. Our Inventory process of count, checks and rechecks provides the most accurate inventory possible. We know that your Parts Inventory is your largest CASH asset, therefore we leave no room for errors. Speed counting inventory leaves room for many errors.


J&B Amos Inventory Service
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