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Although yearly parts inventory is our most used service, we also offer other inventory services for your parts department. We handle impartial inventories for:
  • Buy-and-Sells (dealer turnover)
  • Dealer terminations
  • Parts returns to manufacturer (all car lines)
  • Paper flow analysis
  • Rebuilding of parts departments.
Our services include counting your inventory, keypunching the inventory, variance check all differences, recording all outstanding paperwork and sales, and balancing our findings to the general ledger.

The physical count includes all items included in the parts general ledger. Not only are OEM parts counted, but also are aftermarket parts, display items (clothing, toys, etc) and new and used cores.

Our work-in-process report processes all your outstanding paperwork and sales by type and document number. We record all claims and credits, packing slips, and outside purchases that have not been booked to the general ledger by accounting.

Your open service ROs and pending counter tickets are also processed by type and document number.

The work-in-process report is presented to accounting at the closing meeting.

Most inventories are completed in one day, larger multi-million dollar inventories may take longer. All our reports and findings are presented to your management team on the next business day. Along with our reports, all backup documentation is provided with your closing binder.


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